Monday, October 8, 2007

learning lessons

Happy Afternoon! Fleet week was awesome and it was a beautiful day. The Blue Angels were spectacular.

 Parking in the city is not cheap. We were planning to spend about $30 for parking, so that we would be close to Pier 39. As we drove in off the freeway, we did spot some "free parking". I talked my husband into parking, since I was feeling great and I wanted to "test" my back, to see how far I could walk. I would estimate it was about a mile, maybe a little more. So we parked our van, and enjoyed the crisp morning walk, on the Embarcadero, walking past the piers, trendy little diners, and upscale biker bars.

About midway, I started to develop blisters on the sole of my feet, walking on cobblestone, in boots I haven't worn since last winter (I'm used to wearing sandals) had me finally limping into Pier 39 to meet up with our friend. I had to buy some extra padding for my feet, I found some socks. Let me tell you, I was in some pain...I haven't had blisters on the sole of my feet in years! Every step I took, "ouch, ouch, ouch". I tried not to complain too much, after all it was my fault and I should of known better.

Fortunately I enjoyed the day, and even walked down the wharf a bit further just so we could take our friend to our favorite hamburger joint, IN and OUT Burger. Yum, it was well worth it. Afterwards, we were able to hop on a streetcar, headed toward the ferry building, on the way back to our van. It was FREE. That cut our walking trip a little more than half. Just before we got to our van, we jokingly commented that we hoped, we hadn't been towed and when I saw our van, I was relieved it was still there.

 However, when we arrived, we saw that we had received a parking ticket. $50. WE had parked in a 2 hour zone. The parking meters were free yet we assumed that the 2 hour zones, were exempted on the weekends as well. WRONG!

 So in trying to save $ cost us a $50 parking ticket and 2 very painful blisters on my feet. WE laughed on the way home. WE had such a good day, we were not going to let that cloud our memory of the day's events. I won't be laughing, when it comes down to paying it. ...just another lesson in my life, I hope I have learned!

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