Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its 7:56 pm new years eve...whoopie!!!

Yeah here I am, alone. The Chief is working.

He only gets one day off now. Poor guy works so hard and before he went into work he just wanted to hold hands with me and be with me. I hate to see him beat up on himself so much. Its not his fault. Heck I feel bad that I can't find a job either...I sell on ebay but am really going have to get back to selling. The way the economy is, even online sales are down.

He works tonight and tomorrow 5 to 11 pm. That's not too bad, but then the next 2 nights he works, 11-5am. and the 2 after that, its 10-5am. He gets Tuesday off.

Oh well, at least it is something until the good job comes along. 

Happy New Year!!!

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