Worked with the horses today

I am beat - Today we went up and worked with the horses today - Carl did most of their hoofs and worming them. I groomed them. It was fun. I got a sunburn on my face. It's in the mountains and was cool and breezy but as soon as we head down the mountain back to Redding, it was almost 80. I loved hearing the wind in those tall Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pines -reminds me of Bonanza  - keep looking for Hoss and Little Joe.

The male, Jackson keeps trying to bite me and he also was trying to hump Penny - he's scheduled soon to be FIXED. They both are just about 1 year old. Sport dog got to run around and play with her border collie, Rosie.

ONE MORE THING and this is not a early April Fool's joke. I heard today that California wants to ban all black cars because they use more gas, to cool, by 2012. This is crazy. I told Carl if San Francisco's mayor Gavin Newsom wins Governor of California, we are moving OUT.

Maybe go to Tennessee, where my dad's family is - and my best friend Tammy or Montana - I mean there has to be a place that is normal...

Redding is fine, its the state it is in -

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