Sunday, April 5, 2009

LDS divorce

I came upon a book my mom had. (I'm getting rid of 3 huge boxes of my mom's books)

It's called Secret Ceremonies by Deborah Laake. I read it in less than 24 hours! I couldn't put it down. Talk about religious abuse? My goodness, I had no idea. They marry for "time and all eternity" whereas we Christian marry, "till death do us part". They have to wear these undergarments, after they have taken the endowments at a temple - never to take off. The men also take on "spirit wives" they marry because they believe they will all live together, as one family in heaven. (The 3rd heaven)

Why can't these LDS women take on "spirit husbands?"

The mental, emotional and physical abuse was horrible. Afterward I googled her name and found that she committed suicide some years after she wrote that book. The LDS excommunicated her from the Church. So Sad.

Anyway, it was a interesting read on how other religious bodies, view marriage and divorce. Talk about having a the Scarlet letter D on her forehead -  pretty bad.

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