Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty Pageants are just DUMB!

One thing that I absolutely detest are beauty pageants.
Miss America or Miss Universe are okay. But these ones that are for toddlers, girl's, tweens and teens really get my panties in a bunch! There is this lady who has a daughter on my Facebook, and she is in a different pageant every weekend. It is all this woman talks about. And the thing is...(and why I cannot post this on my Facebook page) is the teen daughter is not that beautiful. I mean she's okay and could afford to lose about 30 lbs. Shockingly, she does win many of them.

Everytime I see her post some more pictures of her daughter I want to vomit. I can't help but wonder what is she setting her daughter up for? But a superficial life of conceitedness and a woman who cares more about her appearance than anything else. I have to wonder, how this young lady does in school. I almost think it is a form of child-abuse. I know, I know that sounds harsh, but wait a minute...what is going on here? Sounds to me, this is Mom's little obsession going on here (Mom ain't so hot either) Is it even possible that the teen girl wants this? What happens when the daughter does not want to pursue this anymore?

Nope, I think these pageants are just DUMB.

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