Monday, October 24, 2011

Acorns and Apples

Which now brings me back to Today:

Seadog and I had a nice day on Saturday - visiting a historical home and property for an old-fashioned Autumn Harvest of apple picking. We gathered apples from 150 year old trees. Today I plan to make either a pie or a apple-crisp.

We also collected some acorns to make acorn flour. I've been reading about this and wanted to try it out - by making a bread.

It is so important that when you live with your adult children, that you get out AWAY from them on the weekends or when you can. WE find free things to do - for every weekend. Last weekend we went to a local salmon fish hatchery and saw the return of the salmon. Nice day.

Creating memories with my husband, makes us happier and not as tense. Since both sons, do not work on the weekends, it gets awfully crowded in our 1305 sq foot home.

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