Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jump for the Cupboards

I enjoy shopping for food. But it isn't easy anymore. It hasn't been for a long time. Food prices are so high and I am having to make adjustments to my menu's and budget all the time.

My family of 4 is not the normal "family of 4" - We are 4 adults. (2 grown sons) it's more like a family of 6-8  AND They are BIG EATERS!  So to try and cut down, I have 1-2 nights a week that I call, "Jump for the cupboards". 

Basically it's each man (or woman) for themselves.  I love it because on these days I don't have to cook. We may reheat a leftover - or I could have cereal for dinner - The sons might go out and eat some fast-food which they love - or they will just eat some Ramin or Kraft Macaroni and cheese.  For me it means minimal cleanup - and if they should choose to cook, they clean up! Also cuts down on water and electricity. For 1-2 nights I am not running the dishwasher.


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