Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Me, Eeyore?

I'm afraid I am not taking this "new adventure" of a cold winter without heat very well. Last night I did have a melt down - it was building all day with up and down news - This morning my dear husband, told me I was being "a Eeyore!". WHAT? Me, Eeyore???? Don't get me wrong, I have always enjoyed Eeyore...but do I want to just give up, like Eeyore and mope around for the rest of my life?

I've always been a somewhat positive person - always ready to meet any challenge. Maybe I'm just getting old - maybe I've HAD IT with challenges. Maybe I just don't want to be cold this winter. But to call me Eeyore, has made me re-think, how I am handling this challenge, adventure, ordeal (take your pick)

So as I am about to go out the door to my low paying part time job, I will re-think, re-consider and re-adjust my attitude about all of this.

Here I go....

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