Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Home (Part Two)

Our move was a nightmare for me. Working full-time as a Nanny and ashamed to admit to the family, of our hard times. I always tried to keep my head held high, with a smile on my face - but when I came "home" my raw emotions would surface. My middle son, refused to live with us in a "trailer park" and moved out with some friends. My 17 yr old who was going into his senior year of HS, was popular and the quarterback of the varsity football team was challenged. As it turned out, he rose to the occasion - didn't like it but what could he do but accept it and just rise above it all.

I struggled. That home was everything to me. I had even imagined that one day, I would buy that house. It was my house. I think I was in shock. We had several garage sales - I sold a lot of my treasures from dumpster-diving. Beautiful antique bed that I never got to refinish. Makes me sick to this day. When we did the final walk through with the landlord and his wife, I cried my eyes out. I was an emotional mess.

We also had 5 cats, 2 doves and a dog. Obviously we could not bring all of these animals - so I had to do something I had never done before. I had to surrender 2 cats and my doves and I let the family I Nanny for, have my other male cat.It was like giving up my children.

For two years we lived in that RV park. The first year, my oldest son passed away and living with grief in that small space that did not feel at home - just about done me in. My husband, being the sweetie that he is, agreed to trade in the old RV for a nicer newer one. (A BIG mistake but it did make us feel better for awhile)

We had saved some money, paid off some bills and decided 2 years was enough time to live in our RV so we moved to a 1 bedroom apartment. By this time, my younger son had joined the Navy was in Virginia.

For 2 years we lived in a nice 1 bedroom apartment in a Mexican neighborhood. It was fine for about 2 years, until we started seeing gang action and this time, we decided to go back to the RV one more time, to save for a house to buy.

Here I go again...

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