Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never Give up

Sounds so cliche' Never give up - But honestly, what's your alternative? Oh at times, I will rant around my home, throwing my arms in the air saying, "That's it, I give up!". It feels good to say that for like 5 minutes and then, I snap out of it. I can't give up! That's the plain and SIMPLE Truth.

Little do you know, that your friends, your children, neighbors - everyone who comes into contact with you are "watching you". OKAY so maybe they don't know EXACTLY what is going on in your life, but they are observing. You do something dumb and give up, it does a negative thing against our humanity. Against our fellow human-beings. We have shown, that there is NO HOPE. Is that what you want your children and future generations to think?

During the course of these writings, I will show you times, when you do not give up. That you get up - brush yourself off and get on that HORSE and ride.

Never give up - okay? We're all in this together.

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