Saturday, October 1, 2011

The really Hard Times

In May of 2008, we moved up to Redding - after the death of my Mom. We were living in the costly, San Francisco Bay - My sister had moved away, and I was the last holdout - I loved it there but it was a hard place to live due to the high prices. So we decided we would put everything in storage and live in our RV. We did this for 4 years and I'm telling you, they were the best years of my life. We saved money, paid off bills and was still able to get out do things.

My mom's death was sudden - our move was within a couple of months later. We hauled up here all that we had and began living in my parents home.

We didn't start hitting hard times, until Jan 2009. My middle son, I call Foodie, lost his job in the Silicon Valley. He tried finding work, but a few months later, he came up here to start over and live with us.

Of course, this area is more rural and jobs were even harder to find. My husband had taken a 45% drop in pay to come up here. And I was without my high paying, Nanny job, also in the Silicon Valley. My husband was able to take a transfer, but they could only give him 30 hours a week. Fortunately, he also served 20 years in the military, so we did have his pension as well.

Then around 2010, my youngest son, was out of the military and attending college in the bay area. The only problem - he couldn't find affordable housing. He was forced to live in flea bag motels. When one evening, he watched a cockroach, walk across his bed, he asked if he also, could start over, in Redding.

Here we were - a empty nesting couple - now with our adult kids who boomeranged their way, back to us.

Lets the hard times begin....

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