Friday, November 11, 2011

Baking for the Holidays

Mom wasn't a big baker. Her extent of baking was a cake mix, or a frozen pie.

She did bake on rare occasions peanut butter cookies. She always baked angel-food cake because my dad loved them. (always from a mix)

 When I was old enough, I wanted to bake - so if there were any baked goods, like cookies or something different, it came from me. The older and more experienced I became - through trial and error, I took on bigger baking challenges.

 I knew that one day, when I married and had children, I wanted to bake for them. and I did that instead of buying junk from the store, for their lunches.

 Now? I'd love to bake more but I have a terrible oven. Plus I would gain weight. I try and keep it special only for the holidays.

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