Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching up - Our Thanksgiving

MY Thanksgiving MENU for 2011

*1  15 lb turkey
*stove-top stuffing that I added celery and onions, turkey broth and stuffed it in the turkey
*garlic mashed potatoes
*homemade pan turkey gravy
*classic green bean casserole (no more)
*A orange jello/pineapple, manderin orange salad
*fresh green salad with dried cranberries
*candied yams
*roasted corn from Trader Joes
*Ocean Spray cranberries - the kind that slides from the can
*sourdough fresh bread and butter

*Pumpkin Pie
*Dutch Apple

Of course there were come flops - that green bean casserole. YUCK. My husband and his sweet tooth. That jello dish - he loved, but he was the only one. The roasted corn from Trader Joes was a bit strong in taste. Frankly I like my veggies plain for Thanksgiving. But the turkey was my best - the mashed potatoes were garlicky and delish and the gravy was to die for!

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