Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm just so upset. In Nov. we decided to let go of my medical deduction on my husband's paycheck which would give us an extra $50- a week, which we DESPERATELY NEED. Especially with me losing my job this summer. (YES we knew this was a risk)  Since my husband does not get paid holidays his weekly paychecks have showed a lower amount - and we were waiting for the next normal paycheck without holidays. Also, since it is automatic deposit we do not get a pay stub any more. It's all online now. We never check - because I see it in the bank and its the right amount. EXCEPT for today. I noticed it was the same amount as they took last year meaning they did not process our request to drop my medical. This is a $200 drop in our monthly budget. In fact, I could barely make our car payment - with only $18 left after being paid yesterday. I am not used to having our account get so low.
I feel defeated.

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