I pay I pay so off to work today!

Our cat is still missing ;-(
Thank God I do have a job to go to even though I really would rather stay home and write, create, clean, play. I look at it this way - I have 3 days of work - 5 hours each. I take it one hour at a time. Pay day for me is Thursday and this past weekend as well as this week, is low key because we have no money! Yes the bills are paid. AND we have food in the pantry. Just no "fun money". This weekend, I have been invited to a Mary Kay party at a friend's house. Hmmmm, how much is this fellowship gonna cost me? I hate thinking like that. But when you are counting every little penny - I hope there is something under ten dollars...I don't know.

I remember years ago, going to parties where I would spend about $50 and it was fun when I received those things. But now years later, I have to wonder "where did it all go?" I can't even remember what I bought that was so important for me to over-spend or use a credit card! Fortunately we do not use our cards anymore. Made the sacrifice and lived in our RV for 4 years to pay them off!

Also Thursday is pay day for my husband and this paycheck should have that adjustment - so it will be a good paycheck. Of course "good" these days, does not mean we can go out to dinner or away for the weekend. It just means, we have more cash to put in our saving envelopes.

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