Tuesday, January 3, 2012

looking back at 2011

Castle Lake
2011 was a very hard year for us financially. With 2 adult sons living with us, expenses have risen. Sure they are paying us room and board, but for a good portion of last year one of them was unemployed and had no money at all. He had cashed in his 401k to live off and he drained it totally. Needless to say, I used almost all of my inheritance money just to break even at times. That money was supposed to be for emergencies. In a way, I guess I used it for that. It does make me sick. Not to mention, my retirement pension was almost lost during 2008.

It grieves me that things are like this. It shouldn't be. My DH and I voluntarily lived in our RV for a few years to be debt free. We did it. Then my mom died and I inherited some money and we bought my sister out of her half of the house. The future looked promising...

Now things look bleak. I'm scared. I feel as if the other shoe is going to fall at anytime now. So we decided that I would cancel my medical insurance, that we get through my husband's employer. It amounts to an extra $200 a month. Who would of ever thought, that a middle class, baby-boomer couple would have to do such a thing? It is such a risk. We had to do it because I will be losing my Nanny job in June and jobs here in this Northern California semi-rural, central valley town is hard to come by and if you should get one, you are underpaid.

I am trying to look at all of this as a learning adventure. At times I am optimistic and then there are times when I feel so defeated.

I hope to educate myself this year on natural wellness - fortunately I have no major health problems. And its not like I have nothing. I do have Tri-West insurance from being the spouse of a retired veteran. It's lousy but it does pay something and it does cover my medications I use for depression and an anti-inflammatory.

This should be an interesting ride...


  1. It is scary times out there for sure but I am glad that you were able to help out your sons by having them move back home and help out like you can. Our son is getting ready to move back in with us after being a year on his own and I'm just glad we have the space for him to do so. 2011 was a hard year for us too financially. Hubby quit his rather nice high paying job to move closer to his parents; our income went down 2/3. The benefit, he got to spend the last year of his parents' lives closer to them (they both passed this year, one in November, one in December). The negative, we went through the majority of money we had made off of a house we sold in Montana five years ago. But that is not really a negative in that hubby got to have that year with his parents and be of immense help to his brother. Being there for your kids, even though it was a push for you, is so important. Who knows what 2012 holds in store? What I'm learning is just to trust in God and know he'll meet our needs and to remember what a pastor said a few years ago "it is only money". But it is hard, I truly do understand. Hubby doesn't have health insurance, would cost too much to have him on my plan at work (I work at home). Just hang in there, that's all I can say. Just hang in there.


  2. It's so good to have you comment. Knowing that someone else knows how hard it is. My mother-in-law used to say the same thing, "It's only money". That used to drive me up the wall, because I guess I wanted her to join me at my pity party. She was always so upbeat.

    I am so sorry to hear of your losses, and so soon. Terrible for your husband to lose both parents a month apart. I'm glad you are taking in your son. I mean what else can we do as parents? I too am happy that we had 2 extra bedrooms for them. Well one was my office and I had did scream and kick a little, giving that up (never around my son) Always good to hear from you!