Much ado about nothing...

I love a weekday day off. They're not like weekends - they are special. I have Monday's off usually and I can say I savor these days. I try not to over-plan my day away. In fact, I usually like to just relax, clean the house, catch up with laundry before I have to go to work on Tuesday.

This Monday has been most enjoyable because I stayed home all day. Because we are down to "slim pickings" in both our checking accounts - I didn't want to go out and tempt myself - or waste gas in the car. So I stayed home and talked with a friend on the phone from Tennessee.

I also took this time to read other frugal blogs, make some changes to mine - and joined a few social network sites to promote this blog. I don't know - it's like I am writing to myself. I hope that one day - I will be able to have readers. I know Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were blogs. Just have to keep journal-ling. Plus I do have to admit, it helps me. Instead of hitting my husband with all my thoughts, the first minute he enters the front door - I blog. By the time he comes home, I usually have lost the urge to bombard him with any of this. Plus he doesn't need to hear everyone of my thoughts. It would probably worry him. :-)

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