Okay so in my search to try and find someway I can work from home (without selling something) I signed up for some information I heard on a talk-radio commercial that I have been rolling my eyes at - for over a year.

Finally I thought instead of being so cynical, I should just find out what it is all about. Honestly, I don't trust it but we'll see. Last night I get a phone call - it's a lady from the website and she told me I will be receiving in the mail this Wednesday, a DVD and CD. After I get home from work on Wed. she wants to me watch and listen to the CD's and then she is calling me (for the sales pitch) at 4pm. This is a good lesson, for myself and for anyone who is reading this - NOTHING comes FREE. There is always a price. Nothing is new under the sun, that hasn't been "tried" by other "desperate" generations, looking to make some money. Especially us women, Mom's and even retired people who cannot make ends meet anymore.

 UPDATE:  1/31/12 When will I ever learn? After doing some online research I found that the company I signed up for is really Herbalife. Bottom line they are doing a bait and switch with me. So I emailed them, and told them I will be sending back the package I am to receive tomorrow.

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