paycheck to paycheck living

What a difference a pay day makes. Yesterday we both were paid and I just feel so much better when I have some money in our accounts. Like, DUH! Living paycheck to paycheck is not fun. Oh we have a little savings but that actually was inheritance money from when my mom died. I got a lot of money and we paid off our van and some bills. Put in wood floors in the house and took a few simple trips. But then my middle son lost his job in the Silicon Valley. For 6 mos he lived off his savings, cashed in his 401k but couldn't do it anymore. It's a very expensive area if you are out of work and lets face it, family takes care of family. So he moved up north, with us. It took him 2 years to get a job and I did have to dip into savings many times to make ends meet. I wasn't working at the time either for awhile so it was actually harder than now.

The issue with us now, is that we are saving the ca$h for the $5100 HVAC system. The current one is shot - barely works. We had good credit but we bought a new car last March and when we went to apply for the loan, the denied us! Our credit score had dropped. We were shocked. I believe things happen for a reason, so I believe God wants us to save the money. I also believe he wants me to journal my path along the way. I know when I was out searching for a blog that had real pressing issues, I couldn't find any. Maybe I am the only one who lives paycheck to paycheck or perhaps no one will admit it. I don't know. That is the purpose of this daily blog. As I have said before it is also therapeutic for me.

And of course for those who don't know, my youngest son, after spending 5 1/2 years in the Navy, got out - he went to college (Fire Tech) in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area and he couldn't afford a studio! They want close to $1000 a month. He lived in a flea bag motel and finally got sick of that - I think the cockroach that walked right across his bed while he was watching TV did it for him! He came up here and he's attending college.  So I have both my sons back home due to this so called "improving economy". My middle son did finally get a job - so he's working. The navy son just attends school full time. I do have them both paying us $200 a month for food and cable and room/board. I hated to do it but if you don't as a parent, you set yourself up for family issues, along with resentments. I love my sons and don't want that.

It's not easy - let me say. We've had our moments. My husband and I were enjoying our empty-nesting years. Then they came back! And to make matters worse - right now we are concerned about our daughter and son-in-law up in WA state. Both of them have lost their jobs -

I sure hope the economy doesn't continue "improving" the way it has been the last 3 years - or else we could lose everything. 

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