Sunday, January 8, 2012

So today I...

took down the tree and all the Christmas decorations and packed them away for another year. I always enjoy unpacking them just before Christmas. It's like unwrapping a new present or getting acquainted with an old friend. I look forward to seeing some of my collections, some that date back to when I was a little girl. My mom's nativity, we didn't put up this year (I have about 6 nativities and just didn't have a place for this one) So I went through each piece, remembering back to fond times.

WE also changed around the living room, moving the computer and I still am not totally done yet. I had my husband hang some pictures with his bull dog nails that he is so fond of - Me? I just use a hammer and nails. But then again, my pictures and shelves are notorious of falling off the wall.

Oh the carpet is terrible - with our elderly dog during his last weeks here, he had so many accidents. We spot cleaned but it needs a major cleaning.

A big job today for sure -

PS. Today was my Dad's "heaven date". 5 years ago, he died from a heart attack. Sure do miss him and in a way, a part of my Mom died too. She ended committing suicide the following year. 

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  1. I am so sorry about your dad's passing five years ago (it never gets easier I think, my mom died five years ago in December) and I am so sorry about your mom; I am sure that had to be extra hard; I can't imagine her unhappiness and sadness to choose to make a decision not to live.

    It is hard to take down Christmas from one year to another; wondering what the changes will be from one season to the next. But I like your attitude of opening up the ornaments from year to year and the gift they are to you as you do so!

    I hope the week ahead is a good one for you!