A new month - So here's to February!

last year in February

One down and a few more months till spring and summer- to where I won't have to keep stressing about our heating system. I honestly don't believe we'll be able to come up with the cash to replace it this year. Probably next year. So really I should be saying, "one year down - another to go"  before we replace our old rusty HVAC. I just hope we don't have problems with it this summer. I do not relish, the thought of sweating inside with 105+ temps!

A new month always gives me a fresh new slate - I try to gain a new perspective on life - regain some of that "hope" I should be having. Life ain't that bad, but it's definitely "life". I mean who said anyway we were supposed to not have challenges?  So maybe, I am living a real, life. Well one thing I really know, is when you do have challenges and "stuff" you do appreciate things way more than before. And that is a good thing!

When I think of February I think of "pink things." Oh and chocolate! And President's weekend, Lincoln's birthday (George Washington gets a bum rap - here the father of our nation has to share his birthday with all the other Presidents!)  It's also our wedding anniversary on the 16th. It's a short month which then always make March, just DRAG on. (I'll talk about March next month!)

So here's to February!

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