My Moms Chili-Chadas

I've always had a interest in cooking. Dad loved Mom's cooking and he never wanted to eat any of my cooking "experiments" so when he would go fishing or hunting, Mom would let me plan and cook dinner. Or together we would make-up some wacky recipe and give it a name. One of those fun, silly recipes was called
Chili-Chadas. Simple, easy and cheap! 

 Mom's Chili-Chadas

1 can of Dennison's chili with beans
1 can of Chili-red sauce (Las Palmas-Salsa de chile colorado medium)
1 pack of 12 corn tortillas

In 2 different saucepans, heat the chili and and red sauce -  Melt butter in frying pan - on med heat, warm the tortillas in butter/turn over and then on a plate, take the tortilla out, spread some chili down the middle, fold over the half, and spread a tbsp or so of the red sauce on the tortilla and eat. This is a cook-and-eat- meal -Or you can let everyone serve themselves. I would make a plate of about 3-4 and then give it to my mom and then my sister and then myself. YUM!

Now we would eat it just like that - but as you can see, you can make this your own. Add cheese and sliced olives, chopped onions etc.

A few years back, Taco Bell came out with a chili-burrito. Similar but not as simple and just plain good as Mom's Chili-Chadas!

*Note: some years later when Mom and Dad were retired, Mom made him some when they were traveling in their motor-home.  He loved it and asked her why she never made it for him before. Go figure.

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