My Quest continues...

In my Quest to find a legitimate way to earn some money out of my home, I came across this company. It is a company that uses a turn-key Internet system to run a business; that business being a wellness company. I talked to the coach yesterday and it sounded exciting but I am such a doubter. Big time Skeptic! Of course she told me the 2 options: #1 for 69.95 or the one I wanted of course for $399- and that wasn't it. There was a website for $79.95 and a one time set up fee for $100 - and then of course I would be expected to purchase the products myself and use them - don't know how much that would be. I told her I would talk to my husband about it and get back to her by Friday. I was bummed.

Honestly, I cannot see me, at this time, plunking down $399 plus, when I have the last part of my property taxes due in April, and a HVAC system to save for. I have a daughter and son-in-law who are out of work - barely making it. Plus I am losing my job in June and since I am not "employed" by the family (the way it is supposed to be) I am a independent Nanny, therefore I pay my own taxes as a independent contractor. That also means NO UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE for me.  I'm screwed and of course the timing is not good. (Is it ever?) 

I no sooner got off the phone, when I get a phone call from a heating and air company that we had received a bid on - he wants to come out and tell us about some new credits etc, to make purchasing our new HVAC more affordable. I'm thinking, "Is this God's way of telling me not to do this business, and to continue on with the new furnace/AC? I set up a appointment for later this month.

This morning, I get on facebook to see I have a friend invite from HS. I accept it and read a little on her wall only to see, that yesterday she signed up for the same company I had talked with yesterday.Hmmmm, is God telling me something????

Well I always try and listen to God Almighty, but have to admit, I probably misunderstand much of what He tells me to do, which is probably why I am in a mess.

I think I need to just WAIT. I need to do more research. Why sell a product I don't even know if I like or not. That seems dumb. Plus they are so reluctant to give me prices - it's all, "well that is what we get into, once you sign on". That's bull. I've been doing Avon on and off since the late 80's. I have a "bird in my hand" why go looking in other bushes when I really haven't tried my hardest with Avon.

Honestly, you just can't get ahead without putting up some measurable amount of capital. When you're living paycheck to paycheck, at times it just seems so bleak.

Well it's Thursday, I still feel like crap - I'm dragging. The good news is, we are having warm sunny awesome weather and I feel like doing some heavy duty gardening this 3 day weekend.

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