nothing ventured, nothing gained

There's always something going on with me - maybe its because I am curious, bored, stupid - I don't know. Right now I am kinda involved with something -

Without going in to a lot of boring detail - I signed up for this business venture. I paid my $9.95 and in return I received a CD and DVD on this particular business venture. While waiting for it to come, I did my research. I know I know, I should of done it before. I found mixed reviews and of course, you never know WHO to believe in the reviews. It pretty much came out 60 against and 40 for. Without opening it, I decided I did not have the extra money to "invest" and called the coach back to tell her. I guess I am desperate about earning a income July on - because I did listen to her rebuttal of all the bad reviews. She sounded sincere enough so I decided to give it a look-see. (Why? why? Why)

After I listened and watched, it did make me think, that perhaps I was hasty and should go the distance, in ruling it out or actually doing it. We made an appointment for today at 3pm. I did once again, go back and read the reviews. Saying that its hard to get your money back; they automatically withdraw the money from your account, etc. These things I will discuss with the coach this afternoon.

You know, it just seems to me, that any real business venture - you have to have the capitol to invest. That's the bottom line. If you do not have the money to FEED your business, you can't make money. As my Daddy always said, "it takes money to make money". It also bums me out.

Oh well I had to find out. More on this later. 

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