Shady MLM companies

Today I have to mail back that CD and DVR before they automatically charge my pay pal account for $39.95. On Friday I called the "coach" and left a message that I had more questions to ask before making a decision. My DH said he backs me, and trusts my judgement - so I wanted to know more. BUT she hasn't called me back - which shows me this Online Business System (Herbalife) is a scam. What they are probably doing, is waiting until they can automatically charge me - which was dumb on my part to even get involved. But sometimes you do have to take risks, to see if some of these so-called business opportunities are worth their weight.

It really disappoints me - not so much that I wanted to do it - because I couldn't see me endorsing and selling a product (and business)  I know nothing about - but just the fact that they will not disclose anything about the business until you make a $399 investment. That is so wrong. Plus it makes me think, is there any company or online business that is reputable? I'm trying not to get discouraged.

LESSON: Always do some online investigation before you sign on to a new business venture. Just because it is a name you recognize; ie. Herbalife, Melaluca, Amway etc doesn't mean they are always on the up and up. Don't know if it is the company policy to keep prospective new recruits in the dark or if it's the individual coach or team leader you have been assigned to. 

Can't say it enough - if someone comes and says they have a business that sounds too good to be true - 99.9% of the time, it is. Bottom line, they want you to sell your soul - to tell your family, friends and neighbors how fantastic a opportunity it is, yet they won't divulge anymore information. If that is the case - RUN! Don't do it.

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