things are looking up

After a few days of a computer glitch I think I am back!

Some good news. The family I work with have me now working 5 days a week. 9-2 but many times I leave at 1 or 1:30. This gives me some extra money for the month. It's supposed to be through April. That is when his magazine goes to the publisher. So with that extra cash, I decided now was the time to replace my net-book that went out and also our PC is almost 4 years old. I bought a new laptop. I had the cash but ended up opening up a account and will pay it off in 30 days and get $20 credit.

I also am getting back into Avon. At least I think so - not selling yet. Re-training myself with it all. It's been since last summer and need to refresh. I'd much rather right now, come up with my game plan - and start in actively selling once I am off work in July. I will be working for the family on Mondays and Fridays starting in July. So at least that will keep us in food.

Things are looking up - still need to save money for property taxes and that HVAC. We've really dodged a bullet, having such a mild winter. I just want that AC to work - and work well for the summer.

The only deal with me is - I seem to not have any time for me. So I need to get myself more organized - working 5 days a week. My house is suffering!


  1. Our a/c completely bombed in the middle of summer last year and we've been saving money ever since trying to put away enough to get it fixed before this summer hits. I hope we make it. Hot, humid Midwestern summers are the worst when you have no way to cool off!

  2. Oh boy, I sure hope you get it done! I remember going back to visit my grandparents in Ohio - I could never handle the humidity! Our AC was working fine last summer but with the other part (the heat) barely working, I am sure the AC is not far behind. We could "fix" it or just replace the whole thing - which is what we want to do. The HVAC system is almost 20 years old.