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It's cold in our home but not that bad. We usually like a cooler house anyway. I'm making homemade vegetable beef soup and country style noodles. Just the homey aroma of the soup makes it feel warmer. I'm preheating the oven for some garlic bread - so what if I am preheating it a bit longer than I have. Plus I have the laundry room door open, for the dryer heat!

So today is the first of the month - its when we get my husband's military pension and his disability. Plus it was his pay day at his job as well. So I was able to pay some bills.

I feel more hopeful than I did last night and this morning. I guess it's that something, of paying your bills on time, that really makes me happy. (Although 1 was a day late)

I've lost my cell phone. Thankfully my cell phone is a pre-paid "dumb" phone. (not insured) Last year when it was time to replace my other phone, I had inquired about a smart phone. My son has one and loves it. I just couldn't justify paying that much a month for a cell phone plus my husband wanted one as well. I think I am the only person in the world (besides my husband) who does not have one. And I am living proof, that I am alive and well.

My land-line (yes I am the only one in the world who has a land-line as well) is cheaper so once again, I can't justify it at all. $29.99 of course I am in one of those "bundles".  I think in 18 mos when our Charter subscription has run out, we will go with Vonage. Quite possibly by then, we'll get rid of the cable and just have our high speed internet.

I guess we are the only ones that has been hit hard in this economy and have to make these choices of wants and needs.

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