Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood!

Sometimes on rainy weekends I like to curl up and watch an old movie. I'm not "that" old but many of them I saw on TV - as a child and enjoyed the stories my Mom would tell me.  

No doubt about it, my Mom was "star struck" and loved her movie magazines. We used to have them displayed on our coffee table - and my early memories had me, reading all about Elizabeth Taylor's marriages, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. I knew all the "dirt" on many of them and to this day, when I am watching a old movie, I will remember something my Mom told me or what I read.

 Sure movies were changing, but in the 60's, people were still awestruck by Hollywood and "the movie stars". Many of the classic, vintage ones, were still alive and watching the Academy Awards was always a treat - to see the old movie stars once again -  There would be Fred Astaire,  as he walked up the carpet, Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, Jimmie Stewart and of course John Wayne. I remember really falling in love with old Hollywood, when watching the reruns of "I Love Lucy" when the episodes took them to Hollywood.

In the late 60's our family went to Southern California to visit some family. We went to Disneyland and  to Universal Studios. My biggest thrill, was when we purchased a map, of the "Hollywood stars" and we drove into Beverly Hills and our car almost ran head on - into Dean Martin's children in a jeep. (Dino Martin Jr was driving)

Now, they are just about all gone and when one dies - I really do feel the sadness. The end of a classic era, for sure.

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