Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's official - I did not win the HGTV Dream Home

2012 winner of dream-house 2012 in Utah
If you don't enter - you don't win. My husband said he entered a few times - my sons let me down, admitting to me, they "forgot".  I entered twice.

I've been trying to win for the last 3 years. The one I really wanted was in the wine country here in California. That way, I wouldn't have to move to a new state -

I didn't like last year's house. In Vermont, just too far away and I am not a "snow" person. This years dream house was in Utah - but it was beautiful. I think I would of turned it into a bed and breakfast.

This winner is from Pa. Well, good for her. It's nice to see that some dreams come true for people and that people can win, the ultimate prize - a fully furnished paid off house, a car, $500,000 in cash and more.


  1. Sorry you didn't win! It sounds like a nice house too; who wouldn't want to live in Wine Country? I'm terribly unlucky with contests, rarely win so rarely play. My mom though would always enter contests with the attitude "someone has to win, maybe this time I'll be the one" so keep on trying!


  2. I enter every year too in hopes to win, maybe next year. Following you back