Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Leftovers

When I was a kid growing up, we never had leftovers when Dad was home. When he would go hunting or go on fishing trips, we would eat all kinds of fun meals, that Dad would not eat. I asked Mom once, why Dad refused to eat leftovers and she said as a kid, his family had them all the time. I mean, he would eat  Thanksgiving leftovers and Easter Ham leftovers, and soup or beans - leftovers. But no meatloaf or spaghetti or anything like that.

My adult sons are like that and quite frankly it makes me angry. "Let them eat Kraft Macaroni and cheese!" That is why I implemented "Jump for the cupboards". My husband and I eat what is left over from previous meals and they either go out for fast-food or fix themselves Top Ramen or Mac and Cheese etc. Tell me, is that better than leftovers? I don't think so!

The thing is, I am going through a "Sick of Food" streak. Maybe I am just sick of cooking. Actually this is only the first day I am sick of Food and cooking PERIOD!  Tuesday's are JUMP for the Cupboards but tonight is going to be LEFTOVERS.  It isn't always. So, Like it or not, Mom is just tired and not even in the mood to eat.

So the DEEP question of this day to ponder is:

Is Tuesday's Jump for the Cupboards the same as Monday's leftovers or what?  Should I cancel tomorrow's jump for the cupboards because we are having leftovers tonight? Hmmmmmm

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