Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More rain

I could never live in WA. State because of the rain and gloomy weather they have.  Seattle may be the "Emerald City" but there is a very good reason why, it has that beautiful title.  Living here in Northern California however, we rely so much on the rain. Well heck, the whole state of California rely on our rain and filled to capacity watersheds.That is the only way I can get through this rainy season - is knowing that it fills up our lakes and rivers and makes for a beautiful summer.

Anyway, my step-daughter and her husband are still not working. (They live in Seattle) She is the only one collecting unemployment. It's a very big concern because I don't feel her husband is doing all that he can do. He is afraid to use the "evil" computer to find a job. They did find someone to teach him but he is stubborn and resistant. I think it's because it is rainy, dark, gloomy - they are confined to the inside of a garage studio apartment which is damp and has mold issues. They just are not motivated.

We do what we can, and wish it could be more. I send her up some Avon - I know it doesn't feed them but hey, a girl wants to still be a girl and she needs mascara and bath soap etc and that can be a extra expense and well,  I can provide that for her. I know she appreciates it.

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