Spring and Cold Feet

cold feet
The first full day of Spring, and it's freaking cold.

It snowed in the mountains - the Sierras and in the little town of Paradise, Ca. (what's paradise about cold snow on the first day of spring??) Plus to make matters worse, right when I was starting to applaud with how well we "coped" without  our furnace (it's broken) and now it decides to give us "Winter" in Spring.

It's 64 inside our house. I'm wearing fingerless gloves and wool socks!

Where's our Spring?????


  1. Hope it warms up a bit for you guys especially without the heater! I know we try to limit how much we use ours but 64 is cold indeed!


  2. Supposed to be cold and rainy for the rest of the week. H 62 lows 45. I plan to bake some goodies and have a oven meal. I'm home today so the house will get some warmth! But I'm ready for warmer weather both inside and out! :-) PS I will say, I do sleep good at night with the cooler temps! It's just during the day...