Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patricks Day Story

While doing my family's genealogy, I found that my mom's side had some Irish. My dad's side was Scotch. Both sides came over in the 1600's. 

All of this lead my husband to jealously. He wanted me to search his side. His mother was Irish. 

Well sometimes, you're better off not knowing 

 After months I found that one of his ancestors was from Ireland. 

He stole some sheep. They sent him to England. 
He stole some more sheep. They sent him to the colonies. 

There he met and married and had 1 child. 

Unfortunately, he stole a horse and they hanged him!


  1. Ha! So your husband has a colorful ancestor - makes life interesting! I love history and genealogy - its like a great, big puzzle and when you find someone in the chain it is such an awesome feeling!!! I use - wonderful site :-)

    1. I use as well. I usually do my genealogy 6 months on - and 6 mos off. That way, I don't get discouraged with all the walls I hit from time to time.

  2. I laughed at this. Was that wrong?

  3. loonysue - Not at all - We laugh every time we share this family history.