Thursday, March 8, 2012

The working poor - Me? No way!

The working poor. I never thought of myself that way - that just because we can't afford some things, that others would consider us,  part of the "working poor". I don't know, maybe I am still in denial, but poor we are not. When you look at other countries and what they do not have, and what I have - there is no comparison. I do believe that I am a classic middle class American family who is being squeezed to death - maybe even a dying breed. I really do believe we are in hard times but I am optimistic that things will get better. Okay, maybe not all the time but on the most part!  :-)

My dad was self-employed - had a successful business in San Francisco. Even he had his tough times in his business. We could always tell - when Mom made boxed macaroni and cheese and spam for dinner. That was always incentive enough for my entrepreneurial dad, to get out and make things better!

So I can't go to baseball games anymore. I'll survive and listen on the radio or watch the Giants on TV. (I still have my cable) So we don't go out to fancy dinner's anymore. So I no longer have medical insurance. (I'm saving $200 a month) So I no longer have heat - it was such a blessing, to have a mild winter and we're almost out of it! We will survive even if we are living paycheck to paycheck. Mom always told me, I came from "good pioneer stock". (My grandfather was a Tennessee coal miner)

So yes, I am hopeful. Now ask me how to explain how I am hopeful and I can't. It's just that since I was a kid, things always worked out for good - for those who work hard and create ideas and utilize their God-given talents. These hard times - it encourages me. So life might not ever be the same as it "was".  I refuse to give up!

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