Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finding new ways to be CHEAP!!!

Our future home?

Things are going to get a lot more cheaper around here and I am going to have to get more inventive.

 I finally got around to getting my taxes done and it's not good. We have to pay $1290 to the Feds and $10 to the State of California. Gee $10 won't even give California's first dog a good meal. (Sutter Brown)

Still don't have heat in the house - and my next door neighbors are putting in a roof this week.  My house is 19 years old. We don't have any leaks - the roof looks fine but it just makes me very aware of the costs of home-ownership when there is a recession.  

I'm thankful I have my job till the end of June.

I haven't started selling my Avon just yet.  I'm re-training myself. Also I will be selling Barefoot Books. Beefing up my Mystery Shopping, and starting to sewing again and eBay selling as well.

Oh well, at least we're all alive, healthy and together. and as my mother-in-law used to say, "It's only money!"


PS. Oh and I have a new dog I rescued Tuesday. An 8 year old German Shepherd Mix named Daisey Mae. She is a sweetie and we are enjoying her very much. The cat and her are getting along fine. And the exciting news is, I have muddy paw prints, once again on my beautiful wood floors.


  1. that picture od your new house made me laugh!! too funny! stinks to have to pay taxes in April....we do everything wee can to avoid that!!
    love your new cute!!

    1. I had a feeling but didn't think it would be that much.

  2. That is so true, It is only money. A pastor of a church we used to go to would say that with his wife when they had to dish out money for this or that repair, whether it was car or house. I say that too all the time when I'm looking at our bank account; it is only money, because it is true. It is only money. We are the one that holds on to it tightly and let it rule us rather than us rule it. We get our taxes done tomorrow, nothing like waiting until the last minute. I'm not sure what the news will be, but I have to agree, the $10 you owe to California won't be much of a meal for Sutter; being a corgi owner, I know corgis like to eat, $10 won't buy much for his appetite!

    You do have a good attitude though and that counts a lot. Sorry about the heat though, at least summer is coming but that's still no consolation for the cold days you endured.


    1. Well you just never know what will happen - I'm optimistic something will happen in regards to the heat. Either we just fix it or replace it. Have to live within our means now.

  3. Your doggie looks very polite.

    Do you have any old gold to sell? I took a bunch of "Jr. High jewelry" to the pawn shop in town a few months ago. I expected about 10 bucks, but walked awsy with $220!!!