Thursday, April 5, 2012

This and That

  • NO wonder I am feeling so tired - it's Spring break. (except for people who work) I have Wed, Thurs, and Friday off next week. That will be good. Still haven't done my taxes. Starting to stress a little. (why do I do this to myself????)

  • I can't wait to order my new books from barefoot books. It will be fun to get back into that again. PLUS make some money. 

  • Plus, it just donned on me, that Sunday is Easter and for my husband Passover begins Friday evening. Oy Vey!  I did not do the traditional "housecleaning" before - getting rid of all the leaven in the house. We'll pretend I did.

  • Sat. we're going to friends for the Seder meal - Then I need to plan our traditional "Christian" Easter meal complete with a Easter Ham that my husband won't eat! I'll fix him some salmon.
This really is a beautiful time of year!