Monday, June 25, 2012

Buying college books the cheap way!


I'm all about cheap, saving money, trying to make ends meet, yada yada yada!

If you are going back to school, or have a child that will be attending this Fall, a cheaper alternative that could save you some bucks -  renting or buying second hand college books. (or selling)

College text books are not only BIG and heavy but they are outrageous and seem to be getting higher every year. If  you are looking to unload these expensive monsters you don't need anymore - Or if you need the cash and the room in your bookcase You could list them on Craigslist with your price, sell them at your garage sale, sell them on Ebay or this place which I found. Book Renter.

Book Renter says on their website, that they will give you the best price for used textbooks – with cash back, free shipping, quick quotes, and the opportunity to earn 12% more by selecting store credit. WOW!

Find out how much your textbooks are worth and make some cash.  On average you can earn $50 per book!

Times are hard around my Cheap Homestead,  so you can be sure, this week I plan to go through my son's old text books, he dumped off on me -brush the dust off and SELL!

Save 75% on Textbooks!

Save hundreds on textbooks! Why buy when you can rent high quality books? Search and save big now!

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