Saturday, June 9, 2012

cheap or clean?

Being mindful, that I need to be saving and cutting back, I decided to start by purchasing a cheaper detergent. I like Gain. Love the fragrance and how it makes my clothes smell so good. Saves on cologne! I also love their fabric sheets as well. It makes doing my laundry a sensual experience.

I saved 55% by purchasing Sun Liquid Detergent. Don't let the pretty lavender container fool you!

It does not have the "vanilla lavender" fragrance I was looking forward to. The liquid is watery yet they say it is concentrated. The 2nd load, I added more.  After drying my clothes, I found they did not smell "clean".

Very disappointed. So will I continue to be cheap or will I opt for clean? (and the sensual laundry experience?)

 I'll cut back somewhere else. I need Gain coupons!!!


  1. I tried cheaper laundry soap a few times and I also ended up using twice as much. I think it is better to buy a quality brand like Gain. Purex Triple Action also does a good job and it is not expensive.
    Victoria @Easy2SaveBlog