Homemade Vitamin Water

With the latest news reports of New York planning on banning large sugary drinks, it gets me thinking about the addiction some people have to flavored drinks.  When I sit down with the average person for a fitness consultations, one of the questions I ask is how much water do you drink?  I rarely get the response, at least eight cups!  I usually hear maybe one or two cups or does coffee count?!  When asking why not water, most reply there’s no flavor!  So I offer to you today a new way of adding flavor to your water without the sugary calories.
Homemade Vitamin Water
  • Fruit and Herbs
  • Water
  • Ice
Cut up fruit into small chunks and place at bottom of jar or pitcher.  Use a wooden spoon to smoosh fruit and release some of the juices.  If using herbs gently bruise the leaves, do not pulverize to pieces.  Add the ice on top and fill the remainder of the jar or pitcher with water.  Allow the fruit and herbs to infuse the water for 3-4 hours before drinking if you are looking for more flavor.  It is definitely subtle in flavor without the sweetness, you will be disappointed if you are expecting an explosion of flavor!  If you are trying to ween yourself off sodas and sweetened drinks, you may choose to use a small amount of sweetener (stevia) in the beginning.
Say goodbye to soda and juice, with these suggested refreshing, healthy flavors!
  • Citrus Crush (Lemon, Lime and Orange)
  • Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Mint Pineapple
  • Mango Peach Madness
  • Raspberry Lime Sublime
  • Blackberry Sage
  • Very Berry
  • Cucumber Bliss
The flavored waters should last up to 3 day, refrigerated.
What is your favorite flavor creation?!
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