Life happens

When faced with a drastic cut in pay, (job loss, strike, illness) that first day of trying to get your new budget, all figured out can be overwhelming. I'm not a expert and do not claim to be. I can share what worked for me, in times past. Of course now, at this very moment, I will be re-visiting those times as well, since I have taken a major HIT in my income.

Am I scared? 

Not really. I think I will miss being able to "spend" money on those fun extras but I can live without them. I've done it before. As long as we can eat, have a roof over our head and pay for gas in our vehicles to get to work, the rest (Lord-willing) should fall into place. Of course there are always the unexpected expenses. (DMV registrations, vet bills, home repair etc)I'll just deal with them as they come.

My son said to me, that he thinks I do my best when I am confronted with these financial challenges. He would know!  As a single parent years ago, raising teen boys, it was NOT easy.  But we made it. No one starved. We had a roof over our heads and we even had fun!  I even was able to send my first son through college!  So I will take it as a compliment. It does get harder the older you get. Especially when you thought, at this stage in your life (I am in my 50's) that I would be closer to those golden years of retirement.  My husband and I have agreed to stop using the "R" word for awhile.

So choose not to be a victim.  Life happens.

We'll get through this together! - The rewards site that works

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