Downsizing - part 2 - My story

No I was not a "happy camper" and neither was my son, who was popular, and quarterback on the varsity football team. He was going into his senior year.

Here we are, living in a upper middle-class area - we've practically gone, belly up and now, we are having to live in a RV??? A humbling experience for all of us.

So we found a RV park a little south of us - I had to get a inter-district transfer for my son - He still played football - as well as other sports and after one kid, laughed and said he was now "trailer-trash" he just leveled with the guy and surprisingly, no one else made fun of him. In fact, he was like a hero - role model. Popularity and good looks works wonders! Everyone though we were "cool".

It was harder for me. I am a "homey" person who loves her home. This was a RV. We had to store all our furniture (the stuff we didn't sell at a garage sale) and I didn't see it for 2 years! It was a good thing, I worked and was out of the RV - because it was depressing at first.

That first year, my oldest son, Michael died. Grieving is hard enough - but I no longer lived in the house he grew up in, and that was an additional stress on me.

After a few months, I started to "embrace" this new way of life - realizing it was temporary. I met others there with newer RV's with 2 -3 slide outs and they also were downsizing to pay off bills to get out of debt.  I admired their attitude.  Our monthly expenses were low - we had more money But, I'm human - even in a RV park, you can still want to "keep up with the Joneses" and so we traded in the older RV that was paid off - (dumb dumb dumb) to purchase a newer one (without slide outs) that we are still paying off! Oh when will we ever learn?

In those 2 years, I lost a family home, my middle son moved out, my oldest son died and my youngest son graduated high school and enlisted in the military. After my son died, the grief slammed me into a early menopause, and I was also was griving my "empty nest".

My husband and I grew very close. We paid off bills and had a savings account. Made some really good friends and it started to be like an adventure. I still wanted a home - but for now, this was "home" warts and all.

To be continued...

If you missed part one here it is.

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    Your honesty is refreshing and brutally honest. I like that!

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