Downsizing to pay off bills - part 1

2nd RV
Divorce has a way to set many folks back. I know! Splitting things up, selling out - and if you were just middle class to begin with, a divorce can surely lower your level of comfortable living real fast!  I was a single Mom raising teen boys. I lived in a rented home, in a beautiful area that was taking on some major changes with the influx of wealthy Dot-commers coming to buy homes and live. I was blessed because my landlord knew my situation and provided me with well-below market price for rent. I was able to survive on a single income and still send my oldest son to college!

When I remarried, the landlord suddenly gave me a 30 day notice to move. He was selling the house. We were married 4 months when this devastating news came to us. We had no savings and my new husband had only a few weeks earlier,  started a new job. I still had 1 teenager at home. I had lived in that house for 22 years. Talk about emotional ties!

 My new father-in-law came up with a plan. He sold his motor-home to us for $1. (not the one in the picture)  The plan was, we were going to live in it. This would be our new home.

Believe me when I say, I was not a "happy camper."

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  1. Did the Landlord like you? Wink wink.

    1. lol - No he was a older man - we thought he was a saint for allowing me to be there for so long at such a low rent. It was such a cute little house. I paid $650 a month while the rest of the area would charge $2000 a month for my house. No, I think he was being nice all those years and saw that I was "bring taken care of" and it lowered the boom. He could of at least given up 60 days or more.