196 pages of BEAUTY

 EVERYONE wants a catalog.  I admit they are beautiful to look at. They even have these little "smelly dots" on multiple pages so you can sniff the fragrances.  The photography is amazing and the models are gorgeous!  No wonder, everyone wants one.

Since the downturn in the economy (as well as in my own home economy) I have scaled down my Avon operations in hope, that my customers will go online to order.  I know I know, it isn't the same, but think of the trees!

I am probably going to reward my top customers who order, a regular catalog. I mean, come on people, they do cost me money!  And did I mention this is my business?  Honestly, I would love to give everyone I meet, a catalog after all, that little booklet of 196 pages of beauty and enjoyment is my storefront.

Still trying to think smart in regards to my business.


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