Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve on the cheap

 Money is tight - but you want to celebrate New Years Eve.  You can do one of three things: 

  • You can host your own pot-luck dinner party.  You could provide the main dish or you could just wing it. (I don't mean chicken wings, although that would follow under appetizers) Sometimes when you do that, you could get all salads (which could be a good healthy way to start off the New Year) or you get all deserts. (not good) I've heard them called "Holy Ghost" potlucks - by some Baptists - where no one knows what each other is bringing, except for the Holy Ghost.  <smile>

You could go to the dollar store and get some party favors or you could have the kids make them.

Pull out the old music - move the furniture and dance!

Get out the board games -play cards -

Move the kids to one room. Have another parent deal with their special foods for the potluck. And take turns every hour, going in and having someone supervise or babysit if they are really young. That way everyone shares in that chore.   

why is it always the moms - get the dads in there!
  •  You could just accept an invite to go to a pot luck or party.

Don't forget to bring them some flowers, preferably from your garden. Or just something special (homemade) for hosting this event. After all, they are opening up their home, to basically get trashed for one evening. A nice pay back gesture would be to at least offer to come over the next day and help with the clean up.

  • Or you could just go to bed and sleep.

There are some years, I just don't want to stay up - not in the mood so going to bed at 10pm is a treat!

Just remember, YOU can do what YOU want. It's YOUR New Years Eve. 
Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't want, or can't afford. 

They don't pay your bills.

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