Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cheap Homestead takes inventory

 The first thing I plan to do is defrost my garage freezer and take inventory of every food item that can be made into a somewhat delicious and semi-nutritious meal - BEFORE I go grocery shopping hungry for the entire month of January.

I will make a month long list of menu's with the little food I am able to purchase.

I'll take inventory of what is in the refrigerator and liberate all those little food items that have taken on a life of their own - Might as well, clean and wipe down all the surfaces, and clean out the veggie drawer and the refrigerator freezer. Gone with the little bit of frozen chocolate fudge frosting from Valentines Day.  Get rid of those individually wrapped frozen hot dog buns - the leftovers from summer's cookouts. Just get rid of it All. It's a new year - and we need to make room for future leftovers.

Next I will attack the pantry shelves. Give those weevils a run for their money. Get rid of anything that looks like breeding grounds for some household pest.

Taking inventory not only of food but of cleaning supplies, laundry and bath soaps - assures me, that my Cheap homestead will be fed and clean.

Ahhh I feel so much better.  Now I will have the time to sit around - and worry and stress and fret and fuss - about how there is too much January and not enough money.

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