Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ad - TLC Kitchen - what a great idea!

Most of my family live across the US - Colorado, Washington State, Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, just to name a few. (BIG family) It's frustrating when something happens, I am more inclined to bring a casserole or make a meal, because I don't do flowers.

So I found this place called TLC Kitchen that I will bookmark for future reference.

 Sympathy Food: After someone passes, the family doesn’t always have time to cook meals and they may have a house filled with out-of-town guests. Receiving a meal from Sympathy Food takes one big task off of their plate, while adding back a delicious meal.
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Get Well Meal: Whether your loved one is experiencing an illness, an injury or one of the many hardships that life often brings, a delicious meal from Get Well Meal will surely be appreciated and you will make their day a little brighter.

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The Meal Stork: Let the parents keep their attention on the new baby instead of dinner preparation by sending a congratulatory meal from The Meal Stork.

Order today!
The Meal Stork 392X72

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