Thursday, February 7, 2013

- trying to keep it real

Who are these people?

They are your neighbors, church friends, family -  On the outside, they look fine. They might even drive a newer car, own their home, have a business.  Behind closed doors in those families, you might hear how hard it is to make the mortgage due to pay cuts. Or that the gasoline budget has doubled since the last time, they actually sat down and did a budget, which then eats into the food budget. The cost of living is high and your COLA is not keeping up. (Cost of living adjustment)

As a blogger I get around. I subscribe to many different types of blogs and I enjoy reading everyone of them.  I read blogs where many are buying new cars, new homes, furnishing their houses with expensive furnishings. Taking expensive vacations. Remodeling their homes.  I'm happy for them - but I just don't "relate."

Maybe the USA will pull itself out of this financial mess and we will be better than ever!  Really?  I mean, really???????

A family of four - both parents are working. One parent gets laid off and collects unemployment until that runs out. Their bills are still the same and did not magically disappear just because they lost part of their income.  So what do they do?

       1.  Keep the same budget without making any cuts to it. In fact you add in some new items - GYM membership and a vacation in Hawaii.

       2.  Get out the Monopoly money and use it.

H E L L O   That is what our government is doing.  Keep spending, no major cuts - and printing up the monopoly money and placing it in circulation. THAT'S CRAZY.  A household can't run a budget like that and expect to survive - what makes this country think they can survive when the debt ceiling is rising every minute.

Prepare friends - Don't live in denial.  Prepare, not for some zombie evasion, or silly superstitious notion from another ancient culture - Turn off the TV, put down the smart-phone and talk with your spouse about what you would do, if this nation crashes - financially. How will it hurt you and what can you do, to survive.

I'm not one of those extreme radical "preppers" you see on TV but I do believe preparing for a national financial collapse is wise.  I've been reading where many are predicting a stock-market might crash in April. Many wall-street insiders are unloading huge amounts of stocks.

What do they know?

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  1. I'm really emjoying your blog and am trying to live as frugally as possible! We just moved back to the USA and I am shocked at the cost of food and gasoline~ it's outrageous!!

    I have a few questions for you and really didn't want to ask as a comment but I can't get the email on your profile to work and I'm not sure why.

    I hope you don't mind me asking...
    I've been blogging and noticed that you have sponsors and advertisements. Does that make a difference? Do you make a bit of money by blogging?

    Is there any way to be a product reviewer? I'd love to get into this but don't have a clue.