Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let there be light - a Lesson in Light

When was the last time you shopped for a light bulb?  It used to be easy and mindless - and you could buy bulbs, 4 to a pack for very cheap. NOW, they are heavy, and expensive plus it's always a gamble as to how long they will last.  I've bought some that were to last 10 years (and I paid for it) that died after 18 mos. Of course I lost the receipt to get my money back.  


So with everything else in life, our light bulbs have changed. I used to hate those ugly curly new fangled ones they have out now - on the most part I do appreciate their energy efficiency.

 Lumens instead of Watts

So how do you buy one? We used to buy them according to how many wattage it took to run them. Lower wattage meant less energy.  That isn't the case with the new
CFL's.  It's how much LIGHT do you want.  (Hmmm is that is why my living room is so dark? )  The higher the lumen, the BRIGHTER your light.  For a 100W bulb, replace with 1600 lumens. 

This January, 75W bulbs officially became non-compliant with EISA standards and come January 2014, we'll lose the 40W and 60W.


  1. Do you mean they don't sell them anymore, is that what non compliant is? I replaced all the bulbs in my apartment with those new kind. They say they last, I'm hoping they will. Maybe they burn faster when the wiring is not up to par in the house. that's how the other bulbs were. How are you today? We have a load of snow. I sure miss living in Modesto during this weather.

  2. My entire house is dark because of those new bulbs. It's dark outside. How cheery. :-)