Friday, March 22, 2013

adapting old recipes for the diet - Chicken Burrito Bowl

 Chicken Burrito Bowl/Casserole original

Oh man, this is one of my favorites and was the first one I adapted to suit my new eating plan.

I made it for my family without the rice. They didn't miss it because I threw in more black beans and chicken. 

Chicken Burrito bowl/casserole

Follow according to my original directions except leave out the rice. Yes even the brown!  You can add the brown rice back in, when you are on maintenance.

  • Avocado is good fat but still use it sparingly.
  • use way less cheese. Grate cheese and let everyone at the table do their own.
Instead of layering it as a casserole, let everyone make their own. This lets you portion-control the cheese and the rest. Layer it on your plate as you would in the casserole pan. 

The cabbage totally makes it. For a change of pace try fresh spinach!

That's it.

You could use a whole wheat tortilla and only eat 1.  Or you can eat it like a salad or casserole.

So goooooooooooood.

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