Friday, March 8, 2013

Can you ECO-live and still be cheap? Part 2

Don't beat yourself up because you think your carbon-footprint is bigger than your next door neighbor.  Maybe you've been "green" and Eco-living" for years and didn't even know it.

See Part 1

From the article Tips for Eco-Living

  • Conserve water by using water-reducing fixtures, limit shower time and fix leaks promptly.
Who doesn't already do this?  In fact, I think it's the law in some states if not the whole country!  Limiting the shower time - I am proficient at the 5 minute shower. I used to live in a RV! 
  • Landscape with native plants and trees and avoid species that require watering. Mulching around trees and shrubs helps retain moisture.
Do weeds count as "native" plants?  Living in Northern California, and through many major droughts over the past 35 years,  it's just been a way of life. Most of us have been doing this for years!
  • Reduce rainwater runoff through landscaping and porous pavements.
They may have stumped me there!  :-)
  • Composting organic kitchen and yard waste is a free and healthy alternative to chemical fertilizers.
We do this and its fun. My mom used to dump her coffee grounds into the soil.  This is nothing new!
  • Hand-weeding and removal of insects and eggs is an effective alternative to chemical pesticides for minor pest problems. Try natural pesticides like tobacco water or hot pepper for more serious infestations.
I have the Husband to go out and hand-pick all the bugs off of plants.  I've never tried tobacco water - we don't smoke. I've used red-pepper and stale beer for the snails as well as copper strips.  We've been doing this for years.
  •  Encouraging natural predators, planting a variety of species together (versus clusters of one species), planting pest resistant plant and companion plants that have insect-repelling properties all are great options for pest control.
 In our yard we have native manzanita, a California Oak and many drought resistant plants. They seem to all get along just fine. 

To be continued -

Be Cheap my Friend 

photo credit: visionet via photopin cc

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